Friday, November 21, 2008

The Greatest Video In History...

Sorry we haven't been around in ages. I'm sure all five of you who visit have been crushed with disappointment. The greed mongers at work seemed it a good idea to ban at work. We're thinking we're the only ones in the office who use it, so it's a pretty big smack in the face to get back to work.

We're not dead yet though. In fact, our good friends at Fantasy Hockey Scouts have just been picked up by's blog network. Congrats to them. Their success has inspired us. One day soon we may reach the coveted double digits in readership!

Even though our Internet access has been severely shortened we came across this video courtesy of Ghostrunner on First:

Now we know two important things:
1) You can do the Haka on skates.
2) New Zealand has a ice hockey team

We feel all the better for it.