Friday, October 3, 2008

Alexander the Cheap...

It's not very often our internet searches lead us to That's exactly what happened when we came across this story about Alex Ovechkin's new endorsement deal with 'The Hair Cuttery'

Ovie (the guy with the $124 million contract) gets his hair cut for $14 at 'The Hair Cuttery'. The company found out about their famous client and quickly arranged the following ad campaign:

Ovechkin is fantastic. The more we hear about him the more we like him. Whether it's playing ball hockey with some kids or appearing on a bizarre Russian Game Show dressed as a shark:

It's not often you see a player with the most skill and personality in a league. All hail Alexander the Great!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New NHL Ads... has been completely redesigned and it looks pretty impressive. Way to go NHL.

They are premiering their new ad campaign, 'Is This The Year?', on the site before it hits Versus, TSN, CBC and the NHL Network (what no NBC?). Definitely worth a look as they are pretty flashy.

In addition to the new ads, the NHL is set to launch their new 'Game Center Live'. Wow, we're impressed. It definitely deserves this medal:

We've heard rumours that it will cost $100-$200 for the season ... which means it looks like it's a few weeks of Kraft Dinner for us.

The Price is Wrong Bitch...

Up until this week, if somebody said 'Price and Right' and Hockey you would have thought of this classic clip from 'Happy Gilmore':

(Adam Sandler made a guest appearance on the show to promote the movie when it came out in 1992. Go to the two minute mark to see Sandler cavorting with the Price is Right beauties. )

But now we have another Price is Right hockey moment courtesy of the LA Kings:

With this promotion LA looks to capitalize on the valuable game show demographic.
Some of the King's best players (Dustin Brown, Denis Gauthier, Derek Armstrong, and Kyle Calder) showed up ... showing us how bad the Kings will be this year.
It's not 'Happy Gilmore' but second place isn't bad!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Claude Lemieux is the devil...

We realize is this kind of old news now. But we wrote it before we had some technical difficulties ... and we're too lazy to just pitch it and write something else.

RDS is reporting (in french) Claude Lemieux is thinking of making a comeback this season in the AHL or NHL. That’s no typo. 43-year-old Claude Lemieux who hasn’t played professionally since 2003-04 in Switzerland is thinking of making a comeback.

“Most people will think I’m crazy, but I miss being with the players and the feeling of being on the rink. We only have one life and if we feel something in our heart or in our head, we have to go for it.”
Puck Daddy put in his two cents on Lemieux’s comeback and his man-love of the most hated player in hockey history is a bit sickening. Our Red Wing bias puts us on the opposite side of the spectrum. Claude Lemieux is the devil and should never be allowed to play again. Here's a picture we found of Lemieux taken in the off-season:

Why is he the devil? How about this play where he nearly kills Kris Draper? (Go to 1 minute mark)

I might have a shred of respect for Lemieux if took the backlash after a cheap shot. But Lemiuex has never been know for his courage:

We don’t understand how you could be happy about having this guy on your team. If he signed with the Wings (wouldn’t that be an awkward first day) we would be embarrassed to have him on our team.

Judging from his performance on "Pros vs. Joes" the rotund looking Lemieux is a very long way from being in game shape:

Just a couple of thoughts to finish with:
- Pros vs. Joes ... greatest show in television history?
- 'Clode' gave a Joe a high stick! How cliche is that?
- Lemieux is only one of two NHL'ers to appear on the show (the other being Grant Fuhr). How much would it cost to get Bob Probert on this show? We want to see that.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Technical Difficulties...

We're experiencing a few technical issues that we are trying to get ironed out as quickly as possible.
If you're craving some bizarre sports clips make sure you come back early next week as we'll be back to full capacity and hopefully back to our post-a-day pace.