Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Claude Lemieux is the devil...

We realize is this kind of old news now. But we wrote it before we had some technical difficulties ... and we're too lazy to just pitch it and write something else.

RDS is reporting (in french) Claude Lemieux is thinking of making a comeback this season in the AHL or NHL. That’s no typo. 43-year-old Claude Lemieux who hasn’t played professionally since 2003-04 in Switzerland is thinking of making a comeback.

“Most people will think I’m crazy, but I miss being with the players and the feeling of being on the rink. We only have one life and if we feel something in our heart or in our head, we have to go for it.”
Puck Daddy put in his two cents on Lemieux’s comeback and his man-love of the most hated player in hockey history is a bit sickening. Our Red Wing bias puts us on the opposite side of the spectrum. Claude Lemieux is the devil and should never be allowed to play again. Here's a picture we found of Lemieux taken in the off-season:

Why is he the devil? How about this play where he nearly kills Kris Draper? (Go to 1 minute mark)

I might have a shred of respect for Lemieux if took the backlash after a cheap shot. But Lemiuex has never been know for his courage:

We don’t understand how you could be happy about having this guy on your team. If he signed with the Wings (wouldn’t that be an awkward first day) we would be embarrassed to have him on our team.

Judging from his performance on "Pros vs. Joes" the rotund looking Lemieux is a very long way from being in game shape:

Just a couple of thoughts to finish with:
- Pros vs. Joes ... greatest show in television history?
- 'Clode' gave a Joe a high stick! How cliche is that?
- Lemieux is only one of two NHL'ers to appear on the show (the other being Grant Fuhr). How much would it cost to get Bob Probert on this show? We want to see that.


Kelly Kovalchuk said...

Don't be so butthurt. Hockey is a contact sport, is it not? So why the hell are you complaining about people getting hit? Scott Stevens, Ken Daneyko, even the great Gordie Howe have made LEGAL hits on people. I love how the title of this is, "Claude Lemieux is the devil" because he actually was one. A New Jersey Devil. So in a way you make sense. But hockey is becoming such a wussy sport. You can't push a guy without getting a minor penalty. It's supposed to be a man's sport. And you're not helping at all. So why don't you go and complain about tennis for them not having enough balls.

Andy's words and stuff said...

I have always loved Lemieux. Glad he did that to Draper. Too bad it wasn't Federov. No ever talks about why he did that. The game before, Foote was slashed by Kozlov. And Lemieux got him back. Then Bowman (after the game) screamed at Lemieux in front of his family in the parking lot.