Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Awesome...

In Game 4 in Philadelphia on Monday night Shane Victorino hits the game tying two run home run in the 8th inning. Matt Stairs then hits another two run shot in the eight to give the Phillies the lead and the eventual win:

40 year old (Canadian) Matt Stairs! Crazy. No, not crazy...crazy awesome. When we saw the big smash we immediately thought of Kirk Gibson ... and we didn't even know it was the 20th anniversary of the famous HR.

Stair's home run was huge. It gave the Phillies a 3-1 series lead and the eventual win. But since Gibson's home run was twenty years ago you might need some refreshing on how amazing it really was:

  • Game 1 1988 World Series
  • Bottom of the 9th, 2 out
  • Los Angeles is down 4-3 with a man on base
  • Gibson (with an injured hamstring and knees) gets called to pinch hit against the best reliever in baseball
  • Gibson gets two strikes on him but somehow manages to work the count to 3-2

...and this happens:

Now that is crazy! Seriously ... if we saw that home run in a movie we would start bitching, like we always do, saying "why can't somebody make a realistic baseball movie?" Not only is it a truly unbelievable sporting moment but Gibson's moustache and fist pump in between first and second are Fonzie cool.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ass Hammering...

We here at Waikiki Hockey do solemnly swear that any time a player mentions 'ass hammering' in a press conference we will show it to you:

Another Sarah Palin Interview...

You've probably seen the clip of potential VP Sarah Palin dropping the puck at the Flyer's home opener last week. But have you seen the clip of her on Coatesy's Corner?

This might be the crappiest show to ever have somebody as famous as Palin as a guest. We just hope Tina Fey does a parody of this interview as well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We all make mistakes...

Here we see a uniform with a mistake (from the Bolts Report):

and here we see a uniform that IS a mistake (from Icethetics)

Above you see the new 3rd jersey from the AHL's Toronto Marlies. It has to be one of the worst uni's we've ever seen. Now the Leaf's AHL affiliate can look as bad as the Leafs play.

Welcome Back, Carter

Yeah, that title is pretty pathetic but the name 'Carter' is pretty tough to be clever with. At least it lets us up put a picture of the real Mr. Kotter ... something we won't get many chances to do.

Kuklas Korner posted a video from where Jeff Carter was being interviewed by some dorky Maxim guy (we always imagined Maxim writers would be cooler):

It's pretty standard fare ... although seeing how many pucks it takes Carter to pull a 'William Tell' was mildly interesting. The best part of this video was that they mentioned this famous YouTube clip from last season's playoffs:

Over the summer we must have forgotten about this classic fan moment and are disapointed in ourselves for not including it in our Fightin' Fans article from a few months back -- a big oversight on our part.

The fans must be getting a bit more confident nowadays as a female fan gives Sean Avery (go to the 2:00 minute mark) a tongue lashing in the Blue Jacket - Stars matchup last Saturday night. We're sure Avery deserved it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Oct 5th to Oct 12th

A big week for sports fans. The MLB playoffs are in full swing, the NFL season is well underway and the NHL is now up and running.

- As we mentioned Hockey is back. In Game #1 (in North America) the Leafs pulled off a miracle win over the Red Wings. Could it be the Leafs only win of the season? Will the Wings go 81-1 now?

- Are we the only ones who has a strong desire to drive the golf cart on the green? This french guy does what we've been longing to do in grand fashion in this prank.

- Craig Sager (who is apparently a legend) got champagned by Jonathon Papelbon.

- Mike Tyson's Brunch Out. It has Mike Tyson in it which is awesome, it references his video game Punch Out which is also awesome, but the rest of the Brunch Out clip is pretty ordinary.

- Apparently, Curtis Joseph is dating Shaina Twain. We'll add them to the pile for our next visit to the Waikiki Hockey Ristorante

- This week we wrote an article with 5 reasons to hate the Red Sox. Here's another reason. It's too bad Jason Bay is a Red Sox because we really like him. Very conflicting.

- Having hot girls shovel the ice seems like a pretty cheap promotion to us but we guess some people really like it.

- Our Clip O' The Week is a video we showed you yesterday. Def Leppard get signed up to kick off the NHL season and then total embarrass the league because "they are soccer boys". Way to go NHL.

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