Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Back, Carter

Yeah, that title is pretty pathetic but the name 'Carter' is pretty tough to be clever with. At least it lets us up put a picture of the real Mr. Kotter ... something we won't get many chances to do.

Kuklas Korner posted a video from Maxim.com where Jeff Carter was being interviewed by some dorky Maxim guy (we always imagined Maxim writers would be cooler):

It's pretty standard fare ... although seeing how many pucks it takes Carter to pull a 'William Tell' was mildly interesting. The best part of this video was that they mentioned this famous YouTube clip from last season's playoffs:

Over the summer we must have forgotten about this classic fan moment and are disapointed in ourselves for not including it in our Fightin' Fans article from a few months back -- a big oversight on our part.

The fans must be getting a bit more confident nowadays as a female fan gives Sean Avery (go to the 2:00 minute mark) a tongue lashing in the Blue Jacket - Stars matchup last Saturday night. We're sure Avery deserved it.

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