Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waikiki Hockey - Hall of Fame

Well it's time to put our first entry in the Hall of Fame. Not surprisingly, it's also the name of this blog. ..of course we're referring to the 'Waikiki Hockey' sketch from Wayne Gretzky's stint as host on Saturday Night Live in 1989.

A very awkward Wayne Gretzky + an unbelievably bad script = the most bizarre SNL skit ever made:


We remember SNL in the late 1980's and early 1990's putting out some of the funniest stuff on TV -- "Waikiki Hockey" is not an example of this. There are many cringe worthy moments in when Chad says to Kitty:
"I didn't know angels could fly so low."

Ouch...painful to watch. Or when Chad went to lay a 'kiss' on Kitty (with moves like that how did Gretzky manage to hook up with Janet Jones?)...that's not just cringe worthy, that's David Brent from "The Office" cringe worthy. Nice job Gretz!

But that song is comedy gold:

"Mona luckahiki means hockey
Mona luckawiki means love
A moonlit ice rink means
romance with my baby
and the stars above."

"Kiki Hockey, Waikiki Hockey!
Kiki Hockey, Waikiki Hockey!"

Classic. No other way to put it.

Mr. Gretzky....Welcome to the Hall of Fame (again)


Anonymous said...

First post in over two years but I have to say you are wrong. That skit is freakin' hilarious. It was mocking hockey in warm weather cities (ala LA Kings) as well as tipping a nod to horrendously bad Elvis movies. It was not meant to be a big laugh skit but it was good satire.

Waikiki Hockey said...

I get what they were trying to do but the execution was brutal.

Very unlike SNL from that time period.

Still we appreciate Gretz giving it the old college try.

DiscoStu said...

I agree with Anonymous. It's a parody of Elvis' Blue Hawaii with the corny script and lip syncing. I love it when he backhands the porkchop and the line, "he just learned to play hockey this afternoon but you wouldn't know it ..." is hilarious. The bad acting (Gretzky's basically just reading cue cards) makes it funnier.

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hello That scene is freakin 'hilarious. Mocks hockey warm-weather cities (Reyes wing LA), and the deposit a nod to Elvis movies terribly wrong but good is really rare.

Anonymous said...

"That skit is freakin' hilarious."

-yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th Wayne. A fan from Guelph.

Anton said...

Conan O'Brien is the drummer in Wayne's back-up band. He was a writer on the show at this time and made a few on-camera appearances, this was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. My wife and I have been waiting a long time for this great moment in entertainment history.

shoebox said...

One of the best SNL skits ever! We had a VCR tape of it that was a treasured possession and was lost during a move. Thanks for preserving the memory.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was bad. It was intentionally bad, and that's what makes it hilarious. I think SNL staffers knew what they were doing, i.e., they knew that Gretzky's total lack of acting ability would make it all the more bad, thus all the more hilarious. Gretzky proved that someone could be a worse actor than Elvis. Finally, I agree with whoever said the song is awesome.

Karsten said...

Just stumbled upon this old post via Google. You really have to be an Elvis fan to get "Waikiki Hockey"-- it's an absolutely perfect send-up of a typical Elvis film, from the characters (Elvis as talented but humble working man, hot leading lady involved with a jerk) to the plot points (Elvis wins competition, Elvis performs with band, Elvis dances with Ann-Margret). The skit brilliantly boils down every Elvis film into a funny six minutes. The badness is intentional, because this is exactly how bad Elvis movies were.


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Anonymous said...

absolutely one of the Best SNL skits ever!!!!! his hockey stick was a piece of driftwood, that had washed up on the beach! classic.

Anonymous said...

This sketch is classic, a perfect send-up of terrible Elvis movies. And Jan Hooks is friggin HOT as Kitten. I'm pretty sure the sketch written by Coco himself, Conan O'Brien.

Anonymous said...

Kind of remarkable that both Wayne Gretzky and Phil Hartman came from the same small shitty town in Ontario, yet there they were exchanging lines on a national U.S. show.

Madamx28 said...

You're wrong! This skit (and this particular SNL episode) is one of the funniest they have ever made. Wayne's acting definitely contributes to that and this is nothing short of comedy gold!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this page! Once or twice a year I sing that first line incessantly for 20 or 30 minutes. Lol! every since I fist saw it. (Okay maybe not every year). I'll never forget it!