Saturday, July 26, 2008

...and that happened!

This has got to be fake, but even still, it's pretty damn funny:
"Yellow and blue for Dustin" Very nice. I have a friend that would probably still listen to him over Joe Morgan and he's definitely better than Mark Messier.

Update: Since I posted I've read that the announcer is apparently singer John Mayer doing the play-by-play. He was at the game and the video was posted on his blog. Not sure I'm buying that but if it's true it makes this video even better!

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Number 15 said...

I was at that game. And I would prefer that to Joe Morgan. At least he got the amount and colours of the lights correct. Morgan would have told us all a story about why the lights don't actually mean balls and strikes before someone politely reminded him they did, followed by an awkward silence that only ended when he proudly proclaimed the Big Red Machine was the best team ever.