Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to Waikiki Hockey

Everywhere we go all we see are blogs. We've found some pretty decent ones too. Some of our favourites are Drunk Jays Fans, Fantasy Hockey Scouts, and from "professionals" like Puck Daddy over at Yahoo.

Our favourite thing is the bizarro stuff we've seen. who expects to see this kind of thing when they log on:

You don't see quality entertainment like that every day. Seeing Alexander Ovechkin asked for information on how some guy can get a Segway for his office is funny...although we're not sure why. That's what the plan is here. We want all the junk on the internet that we find funny as hell in one place.

The most revered, honoured, crazy, bizarre videos will receive the special honour of being named to the Hall of Fame.

If you find anything good please pass it along.

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