Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red Sox Suck?

Did you hear what John Lackey said after the Angels were eliminated by the Red Sox for the second straight year?

"It's way different than last year, we are way better than they are. We lost to a team not as good as us. [On Sunday] they scored on a pop fly they called a hit, which is a joke," said Lackey, referring to a popup that was misplayed into three runs. "[On Monday], they score on a broken-bat ground ball and a fly ball anywhere else in America [except in Fenway Park]. And [Pedroia's] fist-pumping on second like he did something great."
Somebody is a sore loser. Well, at least we're not the only ones with a nice amount of Red Sox hatred going. The went as far to say the Red Sox are replacing the Yankees as the the new team to hate. We're not sure we would go that far ... but there's plenty of hatred to go around.

The lists a couple of reasons why the Red Sox are so easy to loath but doesn't really back it up with the best evidence. That's where we come in...

1) The Fans
Finding a video showing the typical Sox fan is as hard as finding a drunken Irishman...wait, we think we just repeated ourselves. These two clowns from 2007 were the most entertaining we could find. "If Jon Lester can beat cancer he can beat some (beep'in) Indians!" Nice.

2) Yankees' Suck Chants
In Little League, kids are taught to cheer on their team instead of trash talking the opponents. At Red Sox games chants of "Yankees Suck!" are to be somehow encouraged. We don't mind a bit of trash talking as long as it's clever ... this is a looooong way from clever.

3) Jonathan Papelbon
When Papelbon was a rookie his antics were mildly amusing. He's no longer a rookie. His infamous riverdance ruined a perfectly good Dropkick Murphy's song, he can't speak Spanish, and he does a terrible Milli Vanilli impersonation. Added to the fact he's a bit of a jerk (as the video in the article shows) and you've got a nice focus for your hatred.

4) Celebrity Red Sox Fans
Watching Game Two against the Angels we saw TBS show Timothy Hutton wearing a Red Sox hat at the game. Do they think we care that Timothy Hutton is a Red Sox fan? Who is Timothy Hutton, anyway? Once celebrities start jumping on your band wagon you know you are close to being the most hated team in America. Luckily for Red Sox fans (like Dane Cook) the Yankees will always have this guy.

5) Fever Pitch
We never like it when Hollywood takes a good book and turns it into a crappy movie. We really don't like it when they take a good book and turn it into 'Fever Pitch' starring Jimmy Fallon. This movie sucked balls and must have made Red Sox haters out of half of America.

We can come up with as many reasons as we want to explain our hatred of the Sox, but it really comes down to one thing .... they win too much and we're jealous. Go Rays Go...did we just say that?

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