Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grand Final Day...

Today is the Grand Final in Rugby League. This year the Melbourne Storm will attempt to defend their title against the Manly Sea Eagle. If you're Australian you already knew that and if you're not you probably don't care.

If you want to see who wins go and check Fox Sports but if you want to see a bizarre rugby play continue reading.

In 2004, Wests Tigers winger John Hopoate was suspended for 12 weeks after being found guilty by the NRL Judiciary of poking his fingers up the anuses of three North Queensland players:

This is normally where we try to say something clever but we got nothing. Hopoate said that he was trying to give the players wedgies but he's clearly lost his mind.

This definitely fits the bill as one of the most bizarre moments in any sport. Some of the quotes from the incident are just as crazy:

"There was pressure there. I know he wasn't doing it accidentally. He was definitely pushing." -- Paul Bowman, North Queensland player

"I think I know the difference between a wedgie and someone sticking their finger up my bum," -- Peter Jones, North Queensland player

"It is reasonably common to be touched in the region of the testicles [during a game]" -- West Tigers Coach, Terry Lamb

"Between his arse and his nuts" -- John Hopoate after he was asked where he was directing his finger

You can always count on Waikiki Hockey to continue to lower the bar.

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