Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HoffSpace Revisited...

Since it's a boring Tuesday with three hockey-free (except for a couple of pre-season tilts) days ahead of us we thought we would look back in on one of our favourite videos ... the man, the myth, the legend that is David Hasselhoff going to a U of A football game with his daughter and her two young friends which we featured as our 'Clip O' The Week' about a month ago.

There we so many things wonderfully bizarre and creepy about that video that we had to pay Hoffspace (yeah that's the name of the Hoff's website) another visit to see if they posted any more goodies from the game:

We're so glad our father isn't David Hasselhoff. Even though we find it insane he's going to the game with his daughter and her friends we'll admit it's an improvement over the other infamous video featuring both The Hoff and his daughter.

No video from inside the stadium but we did manage to dig up a few photos:

"Watch me creep out a dozen girls at
the same time....woo hoo!"

"No better spot for a recovering alcoholic
than a College Football game...gooooo Wildcats!"

Keep up the good work Hoff!

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