Sunday, September 14, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Sept 8th to Sept 15th

Another edition of Waikiki Hockey's best (and worst) sport videos of the week.

  • The NFL is in full swing which means SportsCenter will only broadcast NFL-related news and we'll see NFL advertisements 40 times a day.

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have a pretty cool promotion ... players deliver season tickets to the fans. This results in a few awkward moments like in this clip with Sidney Crosby. When the fan gets a crappy player doing the delivering ... the awkward moments are even worse for the players ... but better for us watching.

  • This video teaches us two things about Greg Oden. 1) He has Obama-mania 2) He likes the backstreet boys. We think those two things may cancel each other out.

  • How could you not like Trevor Linden? Here's his reaction to getting his jersey retired by the Canucks.

  • Finally some good news for the Leafs. Apparently, the reason they sucked so severly last season had nothing to do with their complete lack of talent ... it was because the logo they had at center ice was "weak and limp". Phew. Crisis averted ... the new logo is definitely very strong and rigid.

  • It was announced this week that Patrick Roy will finally be getting his jersey retired by Les Canadiens. Time to revel in some of his best moments (pardon the quality) ... our favourite? Roy at Disney World. What a dork.

  • This guy had a pretty decent idea ... 10 dirtiest sounding sports names. But unfortunately he didn't excute very well meaning he ends up on the 'worst' side of the list. You think he could have at least gone to the trouble of memorizing the list. Just a little bit of effort ... that's all we ask.

And now for our Clip O' The Week:

You know what's creepy? When your dad comes and hangs out at your College. You know what's creepier? When your dad takes you and your two young female friends to a football game. You know what's even creepier than that? When your dad is David Hasselhoff and he films the whole thing and puts it up on his social networking site (which is called Hoffspace, we kid you not):

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