Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waikiki Dictionary...

1. Homer
- American bonehead.
- "Pull a Homer": to succeed despite idiocy.
"Looks like I just pulled a Homer!" - Laker Magic Johnson, after slipping on water and having the ball fly out of his hands, off a ref's head, and into the basket for the game winning three pointer.

2. Nuske
- Permanent rookie, friend of Waikiki Hockey
- "Pull a Nuske": to fail miserably while making a rookie mistake
"Looks like I just pulled a Nuske!" - Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, after he dropped the ball one yard in front of the end zone, thus missing a touchdown.

Jackson must be a pretty big fan of Nuske's as he also pulled a Nuske when he used to play in College:

If Jackson keeps this up we may have to change the name to 'pull a Jackson".

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