Sunday, September 21, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Sept 15th to Sept 21st

A slow week for the best (and worst) sport videos on the internet this week. It may be that there just isn't too much going on or it may be that we were slighty distracted by our two fantasy hockey drafts. On to the list:

- A bonehead play by Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, as covered by Waikiki Hockey earlier this week

- The Bulgarian Women's Ice Hockey Team lost 82-0 to Slovkia last week and we finally got some video. The annoucer really earned his money that night.

- Ever wonder what's in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's wallet? No? Yeah us either. Well don't click here then.

- The NHL season is only weeks away now. Here's a Versus ad featuring Brandon Coburn to help get you through.

- Groin shots. Good enough for Homer. Good enough for Waikiki Hockey. Check out this painful skiing mishap.

- If we had access to a laser we would probably use to take over the world or something. This guy had a different idea...burn a NY Giants logo into a hotdog. Of course!

And our Clip O' The Week:

If you type 'drunk fan' into a YouTube search you get over 2,000 clips. For some reason sports fan think it's a good idea to tape themselves smashed and put it on the net. Some of them are very boring but the large majority of them are very embarrasing. But our clip of the week is something completely different. It runs nine minutes long, which is unusual for a drunken fan video, but we found ourselves watching almost the whole thing ... we had to see how it finished!

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