Sunday, October 19, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Oct 12th to Oct 19th

Another week big of the best (and worst) the sporting world has to offer...

- The Minnesota Wild may play a boring brand of hockey but at least they have an entertaining commercial.

- We've got two borderline police brutality moments for you this week. First a drunken Red Sox fan gets tazored in Tampa Bay. With five cops standing around is tazoring a drunk fan really necessary? Next, an over-zealous cop tackles a fairly docile fan at a Rough Riders game.

- Pittsburgh is now the best place to watch hockey. Who knew we could learn something from a Puck Daddy article.

- Check out Tampa Bay coach John Maddon checking out Craig Sager during the ALCS.

- Another video from the 'so bad it's good' list, that we love so much at Waikiki Hockey. Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks is cooking steaks with two seemingly mentally challenged hosts. Plenty of akward moments.

- Jaromir Jagr tends to Alexei Cherepanov on the bench minutes before he passes away. Tragic.

- Some crazy lady yells at Sean Avery (go to the 2:00 minute mark).

...for the first time ever we have two Clips O' the Week. The new hockey theme for CBC and TSN are up and running. As you probably already know TSN is using CBC's old anthem and the fans voted in the new CBC anthem. TSN obviously has the better theme but in our opinion CBC has the better graphics. You be the judge, here are both intros:

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