Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While our last post (Goals of the Week) may not have been typical Waikiki Hockey fare this one certainly is.

Did you see the excellent hockey references from "How I Met Your Mother?" this week? Well the good people at NHL.com were good enough to get the clip from 20th Century Fox.

A hot Canadian hockey fan. Dion Phaneuf has options now.

This NHL reference was much better than the last one that appeared in the show (from IMDB.com):

Robin: We can split a cab to work together, we always have a standing lunch date, and last night, at the hockey game, Curt got us into the locker room and I met Mason Raymond.
[gang looks clueless]

Robin: Left wing for the Vancouver Canucks!
Barney: What's the opposite of name-dropping?

We like this show but with all these Canucks references we're going to have to keep a closer eye on things. It won't be too long before the Sedin twins make their second television appearance:

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