Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get yer kit off...

Since we deal with all things obscure here at "Waikiki Hockey" it was only a matter of time before we delved into the bizarre world of streaking. Since the TV networks don’t show streakers for worry of promoting the behaviour we don’t have a lot of experience with them. I haven’t really paid streakers much thought and I haven’t been ‘lucky’ enough to be at a sporting event where a streaker did their thing. But the first question that comes to my mind is why would somebody risk fines, imprisonment, social out casting, and ridicule for a cheap laugh? I went to Wikipedia for some answers and they had almost 4,000 words on streaking. Seriously, four thousands words on streaking! Who are the people going to Wikipedia and updating the streaking page? Anyway, a fellow blogger, Greg, has kindly summarized the wiki-novel so we'll use all his hard work:

  • First streaker was in 1804, he went onto be a US Senator
  • College students really like to streak
  • Term "streaking" was first used in 1973
  • Streakers are telling us to lighten up and not take life so seriously
  • Enjoy the streakers doing what they do.
There you go. Who would have thought you would learn something here at Waikiki Hockey?
But you’re not here for a history lesson. You’re here for some hard-core nudity…right?

Hockey – Streaking on ice...there’s something magical (and cold) about it.
Football – My favourite part of streaking is the takedowns. This one doesn’t disappoint. The guy gets belted so hard he can hardly walk afterwards. Speaking of walking, it’s very rare (and not very pleasant) to see a streaker not at full running speed.
Soccer – I wouldn’t think streakers come up with a plan. But if this very poor quality video is accurate this girl must have been pretty happy with the way things turned out with her streak.
Cricket – The gentleman’s game offers up these three classics from Australia. Terry Alderman embarrasses himself, Greg Chappel embarrasses the streaker, and Andrew Symonds embarrasses the Australian rugby team:

It’s not just the team sports either:
Horse Racing, Curling and Snooker also make the cut. Even the Oscars have had a streaker!

After all this ‘research’ I still think streaking depends entirely on one thing. Alcohol. What percentage of streakers do you think are sober? My guess….0%. Your drinking buddies convince you it’s a good idea and next thing you know your getting hammered to the ground by a security guard.

I suddenly feel so dirty.

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