Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sexson, Sexsoff...

You may have missed the big news last week...Richie Sexson was waived by the Yankees. The move means Sexson's 12 year, 306 home run career could be over.

We really shouldn't like or miss Sexson ... but we do and will.

After hitting 40 bombs with a respectable .263 average in 2006 we picked him up on the cheap in our fantasy baseball team. Sexson struggled on Team Waikiki with only 21 homeruns and a .205 average.

We thought Sexson was going to rebound in 2008 so we grabbed him at an even cheaper price and waited. Nine homeruns and a bottom of the ladder finish (we more than just Sexson problems) and here we are. This is normally where we curse the player and vow never to cheer for them again. Not happening with Richie.

We've always been a distant fan of Richie's ... we're not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with his mashing abilities at the plate (he hit 45 home runs twice) or his giantic stature or because we giggle like a schoolgirl anytime we say his name (this also happens with titmouse). This commercial sums up our feelings on the big fella:

Sigh. It will be hard to find somebody to match Sexson's HR / no average combination. But maybe, just maybe, Sexson will catch on somewhere else next year. We bet Team Waikiki could get him really cheap next year ... he's due.


jose canseco said...

Things haven't gone so well since Richie and I stopped hanging out.

Those were good times. Brian Roberts used to bring the snacks and Troy Glaus used to bring the beers.

One time, Brady Anderson hired strippers and it was AWESOME.

Richie Sexson said...

No way Jose. I didn't need your help. I'm 6'8, I'm a monster.

Steriods can't fix a whole in your swing can they?pp