Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hidden Puck Trick...

Were you watching the Leafs - Devils game last week? Probably not. You, like us, were expecting a blow out. Something along the lines of a 4-0 shutout at the hands of Marty Brodeur, maybe? In reality, the Leafs managed to score 5 goals on the future Hall of Famer and the game went to a shootout. Stupid Leafs.

Anyway, our post today isn't about Leaf bashing, well not all of it. In the shootout, Nik Hagman pulled the hockey equivalent of the hidden ball trick:

First off, is Nik Hagman really the best the Leafs can dredge up for a shootout? Yikes. Things are worse than we thought in Leaf Nation ... which makes us quite happy actually.

We've always been a bit unsure of our feelings on the hidden ball trick in baseball. We know it's legal (assuming the ball is live and the pitcher never steps on the mound) ... but it just seems like such a cheap play. On the plus side, any team that is asleep on a play deserves to get caught out. So we're a bit unsure on the ol' Hidden Ball Trick.

Enough baseball talk. Even though Brodeur found the play quite funny, he couldn't really have done anything to stop the tomfoolery from happening. For this reason, we vote a big thumbs down on the the play. Now we worry that all the no-talent players (aka: the rest of the Leafs) will be trying to duplicate Hagman's success. First Marty had to put up with Avery and now this!

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