Friday, November 7, 2008

The Price is Wrong Bitch Revisited....

We told you a few months ago that the Kings were going to be on The Price is Right.

It looks like 'David' wasn't much of a hockey fan as he didn't look to impressed at the Kings showcase. Looked pretty good to us. Two of the best tickets to a Kings game, some Kings gear we could sell on eBay, and most importantly a trip to Switzerland with tickets to the Worlds. Oh yeah there was also a boat. Did they run out of hockey connections?

David, the dumb non-hockey fan from Florida, passed on the Kings showcase but ended up winning puny $17,000 showcase. Too bad for him as the Kings showcase was worth $29,000! Way to go, jackass! That's what you get for not liking hockey!

Here is the showcase in it's entirety:

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