Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drinks on Crosby...

Canada's golden boy Sidney Crosby turns 21 today. So I thought it would an opportune time to talk about all things Sidney.

Crosby did an interview with Pittsburg Tribune-Review reporter Rob Rossi the other day. Mr. Rossi pulled out the big guns early and asked Crosby some hard-hitting questions like "What adult beverages do you drink?", "What has been your greatest surprise?" and "What does turning 21 mean to you?". Rob finally gets to something interesting at the end of the interview when he asks Crosby about Hossa's departure. I was going to discuss these comments in a little bit of detail but Puck Daddy beat me to it. So I'll just give you some Crosby clips instead.

Only here at "Waikiki Hockey" can you see see Crosby:

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