Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Fightin' Tenders...

The son of Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy has been charged with assaulting a rival goalie in a junior hockey game last March.

A goalie fight is a pretty special thing ... they are one part toughness, one part comedy and very rare. But the reason Roy's fight was worthy of assault charges is because Jonathan Roy, of the Quebec Remparts, skated the length of the ice and pummelled the opposition goalie who made no attempt to fight back.

I'm not sure who looks worse...Jonathan Roy or the other goalie, Bobby Nadeau. Speaking of Bobby, how would you feel to be him after this game? Your wimpy ass all over the TV and internet doing your best impression of a turtle. Poor kid.

The best thing about this fight is that Patrick Roy is the team's owner and coach. Patrick definitely wouldn't encourage this kind of behaviour, would he? Patrick has actually been accused of telling his son to go and start the fight as they mention on this clip from "Around the Horn" and is shown pretty clearly in this video (french).

For their efforts, Patrick got suspended five games and back-up goalie Jonathan was suspended for seven. Jonathan apologised for his actions but it sure didn't look like he was sorry when he celebrated his 'victory' by giving the crowd the one finger salute.

If convicted, he'll join an infamous list of gutless plays that resulted in assault charges. He'll have some pretty good company:

Good luck in court Jonathan.

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