Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Kipper Kid...

Brendan Peters is 11 years old and a big Calgary Flames fan. He also has a parent who has too many dollars and not enough sense. You see, Brendan dresses up as Mikka Kiprusoff and impersonates the real Kipper's every move at Flames home games:

We're pretty manly here at Waikiki Hockey but we'll put our tough guy facade aside for a second and admit that little Brendan looks pretty cute doing his routine.

The point that the announcers raise at the end of the clip is a good one ... this kid is either going to turn out to be a massive fan or a stalker (That link really scares us, by the way)

There are been a lot of careers ruined between the posts (right) and we've seen unemployeed goalies going through some tough times ... so things are looking rough for Peters future.

In the short term, Brendan has become a bit of a celebrity. He's been featured on many local and national sport shows and was even invited to come and accept an award on Kiprosoff's behalf at the 2008 NHL Awards:

Let's just hope for Brendan's sake he doesn't wear a full set of goalie equipment to the games when he's a fully grown man ... that would be pathetic:

We hope Brendan's dad saw that clip


jts182 said...

I remember seeing him in the playoffs...he's awesome. The NHL should make a commercial with him or something.

Anonymous said...

I was in Calgary earlier this year and I was hoping he would be there. I looked for him in the warm up but he wasn't there...maybe he had a bit test the next day or something.

Bobby Orr said...

He's not there because he moved to Australia and now he runs a blog.

Waikiki Hockey said...

Don't think so. It would be much too hot in Australia for all that hockey gear.