Sunday, August 17, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Aug 10th to Aug 17th

Each week at Waikiki Hockey we do our best to round up all the videos that fall through the cracks during the week. A pretty light menu on the spread today ... we blame the Olympics.

  • Raptor Chris Bosh made our list last week with his Olympic preparations. Bosh makes it back-to-back weeks with his visit to the Great Wall of China.
  • If the Olympics are too boring for you, then you may appreciate the Naked Olympics ... brought you by Trojan.
  • We talked about this clip in our Bizarre Olympic Moment segment, but if you missed the most graphic injury from the 2008 Olympics you may want to check it out again ... if you can stomach it that is.
  • A pig playing sports. Like we said it's been a slow week.
  • Carmelo Anthony get's punk'd. Great clip if you're a fan of Anthony ... or punkings.
  • A comedy short (well it's not really funny, but it is short) from the 1997 NHL awards ... NHL Soups.
  • Finally, this week's Clip O' the Week:
    Peyton Manning wants American Football in the Olympics. At first we thought this was a joke but if so, it's a pretty elaborate one as they have set up a website with a petition. Either Manning is a comedic genius or he's been sacked a few too many times... we're not sure which:

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