Sunday, November 9, 2008

YouTube's Best Sport Videos of the Week - Oct 27th to Nov 9th

A bunch of videos that weren't entertaining enough for us to post individually but together might be worth your time.

- A very awkward Nike commercial featuring LeBron. Would this really sell more shoes?

- There are many, many crazy Philly fans that have been posted after the Phillies big win. There are two of our favourites: Utley drops the f-bomb. A crazy women threatens another fan with a bat. Brotherly Love indeed.

- Shaq showed up at a Devils game. Obviously not a hockey fan, but we appreciate his effort. Not as cool as Snoop Dogg's NHL appearance but if we had a video of this moment it might be a different story.

- You know if ESPN is showing a hockey highlight featuring a nine-year-old it must be pretty good.

- A high school baseball coach thought it would be a good idea to take target practice on his players. (Article)

- Steve Nash is one funny dude...and he's Canadian!

- This is one from last week but it's a nice (clean, in our opinion) hit and worth a look. Brandon Sutter learns the hard way to keep his head up.

And our Clip of the Week is from the world of Rugby League. It may be the only time we'll write that line. In a match between New Zealand's Maori team and Australia's Aboriginal Dreamtime team the pre-match antics must have been more entertaining than the game. We've always been a big fan of the Haka (what the Maori's are doing) but putting it up against the Aboriginal war cry makes it even better:

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