Monday, August 25, 2008

Hip Hop Hockey...

We've gotten a few complaints that Waikiki Hockey isn't urban enough. Some of our readers seem to think that we're not street enough for them. Three words should change their minds .... Hip Hop Hockey.

Many people think that if Hip Hop and Hockey were combined you would get some lame white guy rapping with a cheap hockey helmet on.

Ummm, okay ... not the best example of Hip Hop and Hockey working in harmony.

Maybe if we look at what the professionals can do. Other than the odd rap artist wearing a hockey jersey there isn't much out there.

Darkson Tribe is a hip hop group from Edmonton. One of their biggest hits is "Hockey Shuffle". Oiler Georges Laraque even helped out on the track. Go to the two minute mark in this video and see "Big G. Laraque" bust out some phat rhymes:

Impressive. But we think we can do better. Our research department pointed out that the lyrics to "Throw it Up" by Busta Rhymes contains a reference to hockey:
"I'm skatin' on blades like Sidney Crosby (That's hot)"

That one line is right after references made to Ricky Bobby and Whitney's Bobby ... so not the best of company.

We need a rapper with a little more street cred. How about Snoop Dogg with hockey legend Willie O'Ree? Not good enough for you? How about Snoop on the ice with current superstar Chris Pronger? We've saved the best for last ... Snoop getting interviewed by Scott Oake on Hockey Night in Canada:

That may be the greatest interview we have ever seen. Snoop Dogg likes hockey. Awesome. There is no way we can do better than that. Thanks to Snoop Waikiki Hockey is now officially hip. Fo Shizzle.

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Anonymous said...

Snoop Dogg likes hockey? That is disappointing.

He must have lost any reputation he had after that interview.