Friday, August 29, 2008

Boom Goes The Dynamite...

We'll look at a classic YouTube today. Many of you have probably seen this but it really belongs somewhere on Waikiki Hockey, so we need to throw it on here.

Brian Collins was asked to fill in as a sports anchor on a student-run TV newscast when he was a freshman at Ball State University. Things didn't go very well for Brian.

His classic line "...and boom goes the dynamite" happens at about 2:25. It may be the greatest quote ever uttered in sporting history:

Collins told CBS News, is now thinking of pursuing a career as a weatherman. Seriously? I can't believe he told them that. He must like being the butt of many a joke. Other than embarrassing himself in front of 1.6 million YouTube viewers (and counting), he's parleyed his little misadventure into appearances on Letterman and numerous other sports and talk shows ... even Veronica Mars has caught Dynamite Fever.

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mikey said...

I will use the line "boom goes the dynamite" today. That is my word.