Friday, August 29, 2008

Late Night Hockey...

We are currently working on our next installment of "Our Date with Hockeywood..." and while researching Hollywood stud Sean Avery, we came across this nugget:

We figured nobody watches MadTV so you might have missed that clip. It's has a few funny moments but is mostly fluff. Still, with the NHL's current TV deal with Versus it's news anytime hockey is on one of the national networks.

Avery is so hot right now. He's also in one of the better hockey clips of the year ... the New York Rangers appeared in a video featured on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' earlier this year. Sean Avery plays the tough guy after Chris Elliott makes out with his grandma. Very nice!

Here is where we would show you a video of either Sid the Kid or Chris Osgood and Nick Lidstrom with the Stanley Cup on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' but NBC doesn't want you to watch their programs and has made sure it doesn't exist anywhere on the Internet.

While it's not a late night show it is pretty bizarre .. and we love all things bizarre here at Waikiki Hockey. Ray Emery arrives at the Much Music Video Awards in a Brinks truck with two rappers and Paris Hilton. We couldn't make up that last line if we tried. Ahhhh remember when Ray Emery was good? Those were the days:

Now that Emery is going to play in Russia maybe he could get a spot on a Russian music awards show.

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avery is a douche said...

Avery is a dick. I have no idea why Dallas would pay so much money for him. I would much rather have Ruutu as an agitator.