Monday, August 11, 2008

Bizarre Olympic Moment - Day 4

Each day of the 2008 Olympics we're going to find a bizarre clip or story from a past Summer Olympics. Today we'll look at the Ethiopian Abebe Bilkila.

Abebe Bilkila wasn't on the original Ethiopian team for the 1960 Olympics in Rome. He had only run two marathons in his life so his exclusion wasn't surprising. When the team needed a last minute replacement they called on Bilkila.

In the marathon, his third ever, he ran an unbelievable race and broke the world record. But what makes this story truely bizarre is he set a new record in his bare feet. The shoes his team provided were making his feet hurt so he decided to run the entire 26 miles barefoot.

He was the first East African to win an Olympic golf medal and did the same four years later in Tokyo (this time with shoes and socks), setting another record in the process.

Bilkila's success blazed a trail for all other African long distance runners their success is due in large part to him.
(Some information from this article was taken from Spiked)

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