Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bizarre Olympic Moment - Day 8

Each day of the 2008 Olympics we're going to find a bizarre clip or story from a past Summer Olympics. Today we'll look at Polish-American Runner Stella Walsh.

Stella Walsh immigrated to America when she was a young child and became a high school star in Cleveland, she won 41 US Championships in her career and was inducted in to the US Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1975. In her Olympic career she competed for her birth country Poland. In 1932 she won gold for Poland and in 1936 she finished second to her main rival Helen Stevens.
Many of Walsh's supporters claimed that Helen Stevens was too fast to be a woman and believed she was actually a man. Oh the irony. Why was this ironic? In 1980, Stella was tragically killed by a stray bullet in a robery. During her autopsy the doctors discovered something interesting. We believe the conversation between the doctors went something like this.

That's right Stella Walsh was a man. She was born Stanislawa Walasiewiczowna in Poland and had male genitals and both male and female chromosomes - a condition known as mosaicism. No doubt this gave the media plenty of opportunity to use the headline "Stella the Fella".

Looking at the photos of Stella we can see why everybody was so shocked to learn she wasn't a woman.

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Matt said...

Makes you wonder about some of the weight lifters in Beijing - what is that suspicious bulge in their lycra suits? Not the Canadian though - she was totally hot!

Waikiki Hockey said...

I would take a more "manly" weightlifter if it gives Canada even a single measly medal!

Waikiki Hockey said...

By these way if anybody hasn't seen the Canadian in question, here she is: