Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bizarre Olympic Moment - Day 7

Each day of the 2008 Olympics we're going to find a bizarre clip or story from a past Summer Olympics. Today we'll look at South Korean boxer Byun Jong-il.

In 1988, in front of his home country, bantamweight Byung Jong-il (or Jung Il Byun according to some) of South Korea was fighting Bulgarian Alexander Hristov. It was a close battle until Jong-il was docked two points for using his head in the fight by the referee, Keith Walker of New Zealand.

Jong-il decided the only thing he could do to protest such an injustice was sit by himself in the corner of the ring for 67 minutes.

It may work for toddlers but Jong-il's protest fell on deaf ears. The sit-in eventually ended when the organisers turned out the lights on the Korean.

Walker ended up getting attacked by Jong-il's trainers and a security guard who was hired to protect him. Those Koreans must really like their bantamweight fights.
(Information from Virgin Media and AOL Sports)

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