Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Anti-Rays ...

Before we begin, let's make sure everybody is up to speed:

- Oren Koules, the guy who produced Saw V (and Saw 1-4, we assume), bought the Tampa Bay Lightning as became the CEO of the team.

- This off-season, he traded for a flock of forwards but forgot to pick up any defenders.

- His team is currently in second last place in the entire league.

- He thought that his new movie Saw V needed some extra promotion and did the mildly disturbing move of having the Tampa goalies wear this monstrosity for a game.

And now...the most recent stunt by owner Oren Koules was to show the following video before the Lightning-Sharks game last week:

Awful. Just awful. Maybe Ryan Malone felt so bad about taking 31.5 million of Koules' dollars that he agreed to be in this disgrace. What the hell was the guy doing lying on the ground with a hockey stick down his pants?

We figured Koules was just some rich Hollywood punk who wanted a million dollar fantasy team to play with. Were were surprised to find out he played minor hockey in the 1980's -- he wasn't half bad either (in his best season he scored 73 points in 67 game for the Spokane Flyers). The fact that his guy was a hockey player makes us think this little stunt even more disappointing.

Poor Tampa Bayians ... would you want the owner of your favourite team to be described as 'wacky, but good hearted'? So how about those Rays?

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