Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a World Series...

How good is this year’s World Series? The many errors and base running mishaps haven’t resulted in good 'actual' ball but the story lines are fantastic. After one of the craziest games we have seen in ages in Game 4, the Phillies and Rays followed it up with a 2-2 suspended tie in Game 5.

We’re not huge fans of either the Phillies or the Rays but we do like both teams. What we’re really rooting for is a Game 7. No more sweeps! No more sweeps! So we were pumped in Game 5 when, with the Rays down 2-1, the umpires decided to start the 6th inning. B.J. Upton gets a very rain-aided hit, steals second and scores the tying run. Commissioner Bud Selig made us even happier suspending the game to be finished at a later date. No Cole Hamels (likely for the rest of the series) and a possible David Price ‘start’ means that the Rays have a very good shot at forcing a Game 6.

The Phillies? They weren’t as happy as we were (from the blog at the Courier Post Online):

“That (expletive deleted) guy,” one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud
Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. “I wouldn’t let him
supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive
deleted) clue.”
“(Expletive deleted),” one position player said in the direction of one
television pausing only for a moment before leaving. “He’s a moron. How stupid
can one person be?”

Do you think the Phillies swear more because they hear the fans talking that way? You know, the same kind of thing that happens to sailors. Bud Selig is an idiot but this is a pretty tough situation for him and he managed to only screw it up a little bit.

We just can’t wait to see what is going to happen next in this series? Game winning Grand Slam? Balking home the tying run? Perfect Game by Matt Garza? The way this series has gone anything can happen!

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Anonymous said...

The World Series this year was fucking boring. It wasn't as boring for non-fans than last year but that's not saying much.