Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Kick Ball...

Over the last few months we've received a few emails letting us know that we don't have enough football content here at Waikiki Hockey.

Isn't there enough football news out there already? I believe ESPN only shows NFL-related news now, so if you're looking for gridiron videos maybe turn on ESPN. However, our readers are always right so we thought it might time for a football related post.

One of our biggest NFL related posts was Super Bowl Shudder. Today we're going to show you some more NFL inspired music. The classic "We Are The Kickers":

This 'song' is from a 1987 episode of 'Saturday Night Live' hosted by Walter Payton. What was with SNL in the late 80's? Based on this song and our namesake 'Waikiki Hockey' they obviously had problems writing a decent song. Not to worry ... judging by one recent example SNL's song writing skills have increased dramatically:

Yes! We got 'Dick in a Box' into a sports post. It was a pretty big stretch, but we made it.

It's hard to believe but 'We Are The Kickers' isn't the only song about kickers. One of Adam Sandler's crappiest songs is also about kickers; The Lonesome Kicker. Alright that's the last we'll ever talk about kickers. We promise.

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